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45T Atomization unit

Introduction about semi-dry flue gas desulfurization technology of sintering furnace in iron and steel industry

In 1986 ,Wuxi Linzhou Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. used large spray drying technology ,combined with Southwest Electric Power Design Institute, Nanjing Forest Chemical Industry Research Institute, Chongqing University etc. research units, assumed the subject " research on technology of high-sulfur coal rotary spray semi-dry desulphurization" in the national "seven five"  key projects of science and technology for environmental protection .  After researches for years, Baima power plant in Sichuan has established a complete set of devices with Chinese-style, and scheduled technical indicators have been fully completed, so that the researches on desulfurization technology to industrial application stride a major step forward. The subject was appraised by the national Department of energy organization in 1990, and won the second award of national scientific and technological progress.

Semi-dry desulfurization technology was ranked as one of the domestic contents in1998; Wuxi Linzhou Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. combined with Southwest Electric Power Design Institute, Nanjing Forest Chemical Industry Research Institute, Chongqing University etc.  Research units, assumed the subject “industrial test and research on technology of semi-dry flue gas desulphurization device", the contract number being SPKJ005-02, the project code named J-16IKJ98; disposal flue gas volume of 400000 NM3/h. Wuxi Linzhou Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the main parts in this project: spray volume 45 tons per hour for high speed centrifugal atomization unit. After a successful trial, it put into operation in Guizhou Chuanheng Chemical Co., Ltd., in 2005, motor power set as 312KW, the maximum spray volume 50T / h, equipment running throughout a year, operating in full load, producing dry powders 600 tons per day.  So far, several sets of units have been put into large chemical field, the unit running continuously throughout a year, steady performance, and reliable equipment stability.
While development and production on 45T centrifugal atomization unit has been completed, R & D team designed for the structure of semi-dry desulfurization tower ,analyzed for flow field in desulfurization tower, and researched and studied for particles field; also organizing the development teams to measure and analyze Danish NIRO company's  equipment  imported from foreign countries, and introduced hot air distributor of  desulfurization tower as well as related software technologies for design of desulfurization tower from NIRO company. We have participated in the project bidding of semi-dry flue gas desulfurization from Zhejiang Qianqing power plant's 125MW unit and Yunnan Xiaolongtan power plant's 100MW unit. From the bidding situation, our price has a great advantage, but because there is no business performance, it was not successful, so that the most of domestic power plants adopt foreign equipment imported for desulfurization by semi-dry process for many years.
In recent years, along with the increase on requirements   requirements of national environmental protection, steel factory's desulfurization of flue gas from sintering furnace is same as national key governing objects after that of power plant; SO2 etc. emissions of air pollutants in iron and steel industry accounted for about 11% of the country's emission, next only to power industry, ranking the second. Among them, the emissions of dust, SO2, CO2 and other pollutants produced in sintering process accounted for 40% ~ 60% of emissions in iron and steel industry a years. Therefore, controlling sintering flue gas emission, implementing technological transformation to sintering flue gas desulfurization has important significance for the sustainable development and improvement of ecological environment in the iron and steel industry.
Reference to these Iron and Steel Groups as Shougang , Jinan, Baoshan, Tangshan etc. , more than 10 users that apply sintering flue gas desulphurization technology and dozens of units that design desulfurization process , the uses of the process of spray drying semi-dry flue gas desulfurization are more , which have such features as  mature technology, relatively simple process , and system reliability etc.; the desulfurization rate can reach more than 85%,and after desulfurization SO2 emission concentrations ≤100mg / Nm3, dust emission concentration ≤50mg / Nm3. The process has a certain range of applications in the United States and some Western European countries (8%). Desulfurization ash can be used as cement additive, mortar additive, preparation of gypsum etc..
In recent years, Wuxi Linzhou Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. has combined with Nanjing Forest Chemical Industry Research Institute, Jinan Iron and Steel Group, Dalian University of Technology and other institutions to expand adaptive research and development on flue gas desulfurization of sintering machine:
1. Combined with Dalian University of Technology jointly established pilot plant for sintering furnace flue gas desulfurization in Chongqing Steel Group.
2. Combined with Jinan Iron and Steel International Steel Group for designing the desulfurization tower in desulfurization project for 320m2 sintering machine and testing for 45 tons atomization unit of localization , to achieve good effects of switching uses between domestic equipment and imported equipment.
Tel: 86-0510-83391436
Contact Person: Mr. Zhou Ruijun
Fax: 86-0510-83391442
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