Product Catagory
Closed cycle spray drying equipment
Spray drying equipment for powdery emulsion explosive
Spray drying for dispersible polymer powders , urea-formaldehyde resin
Spray drying for Lithium battery anode and cathode materials
Desulfurization of flue gas from sintering machine
Treatment of resources for spray drying of wastewater from bio- fermentation liquid
Food additive equipment
Ceramics equipment
Small scale experimental equipment for all kinds of materials
Spray drying of pharmaceutical GMP standards
Treatment of resources of spray drying for papermaking black liquor
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Closed cycle spray drying equi -【To view the details】
Description:Summary: closed cycle spray dryer is dedicated to the suspensions made from such organic solvents as ethanol, acetone, hexanTo view the details
Spray drying equipment for pow -【To view the details】
Description:Spray drying equipment for powdery emulsifying explosive use two fluid spray manners; if preparing with cold wind modeling, thTo view the details
Latex powder urea formaldehyde -【To view the details】
Description:Redispersible emulsion powder is that the high polymer emulsions after spray drying, and subsequent processing, become a powdeTo view the details
Spray drying of lithium batter -【To view the details】
Description:QZR high-speed centrifugal spray dryer uses lithium iron phosphate cathode material of lithium batteries, for drying and produTo view the details
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Tel: 86-0510-83391436
Contact Person: Mr. Zhou Ruijun
Fax: 86-0510-83391442
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