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Equipment for disposal of wastewater from bio- fermentation liquid

Disposal of resources for spray drying of wastewater from bio- fermentation liquid

Clean production, zero emissions of industrial wastewater and achieving better ecological environment have been the goals that people pursuit to, but in actual industrial production, it is not easy to do. Especially in high concentration wastewater, requiring dilution after filtering, neutralization, oxidation and bio-chemical etc. multiple processing methods, wastewater can be disposed into qualified two or three class of water. Conventional methods of wastewater disposal, increase operating costs, so it cannot ensure that all companies consciously carry out industrial wastewater disposal, but the spray drying equipment produced by our company can solve this problem.

Wastewater is also a resource. Because industrial waste water from Biological chemical and inorganic salt chemical industry, food industry, meat processing, paper making, alcohol etc. contain cellulose, sugar, protein, amino acid, inorganic salt and other useful resources, throwing away will be a harm , extraction will be a treasure. Treatment of wastewater must extract useful resource in it, waste water will become steam condensation water through evaporation; thus, waste water is not a waste, and this can realize clean production and beautiful environment with true sense.

Some useful substances in wastewater , such as protein , you can use a multi- stage separation plus spray drying process ,i.e. you can change waste water into steam condensate water, also can change useful substances in wastewater into feed additives. Like as blood in meat processing plant, water of washing meat was thrown away as waste before, it will pollute environment and lose resources. This process have been used abroad for recovery of all blood protein ,to sell to the feed mills, which is very popular, and the meat processing factories achieve economic benefits, getting a double advantages. In starch industry, wheat, corn, potato and other foods, washing water, soaking water contain starch, protein, lactic acid etc. many domestic starch factories  regard it as a  waste to thrown away , which can be evaporated and concentrated to 50% , and then spray-drying it again into protein feed additives. To turn the soaking water into steam condensate can use as process water for recycling completely. While generating economic benefits, stinking environment around starch factory has gone.

The technologies above all are physical process, without chemical reaction, which are mature and reliable on technology. When countrymen master and control these technologies, there are still new developments and innovations, but for completion of a project design, the calculation of materials and heat balance must be carried out, which requires company's cooperation to provide basic physical and chemical parameters about this wastewater.

Classification of bio-fermentation liquid waste and use of spray drying yielding products:

1. MSG wastewater

1.1 Ion exchange concentrated liquid        compound fertilizer

1.2 Corn syrup              protein kind of feed additive
2.  Biological pharmaceutical wastewater
2.1 Vitamin B2 wastewater            feed additive
2.2 Cephalosporin wastewater            feed additive
3. Yeast wastewater       protein kind of feed additive, it can be deep- processed into yeast protein peptide        
4. Alcohol wastewater         organic compound fertilizer
5. Heparin wastewater        protein kind of feed additive, it can be deep- processed into yeast protein peptide  
6. Chondroitin wastewater      protein kind of feed additive, it can be deep- processed into yeast protein peptide

Parameters of the spray drying equipment:

1    Materials: suitable for a variety of materials

2   Inlet temperature: 120~700

3   Outlet temperature: 60~400

4   Dried powder production: 50 kg/h ~4000kg/h

5   Solid content: 5%~55%

6   Heating source: electricity, steam and electricity, gas furnace, diesel combustion furnace, superheated steam, biological particles combustion furnace, coal furnace, etc. (To be changed according to customers)

7、   Way of atomizing: High Speed centrifugal atomizer, pressure spray gun.

8   Material recovery:

aOne-level cyclone dust collector(Recovery of 97%)

bOne-level cyclone dust collector + water membrane duster (Recovery of 97% and zero emissions)

cOne-level cyclone dust collector + bag filter(Recovery of 99.8% and zero emissions)

dTwo-level bag filter(Recovery of 99.9% and zero emissions)        

9、Electric control :( automatic control for inlet air temperature and outlet air temperature, alarm for oil temperature and oil pressure of atomizer, display for negative pressure inside the tower) .

a. Using the PLC program control
b. Full computer DCS control
c. Electrical cabinet push-button control
Tel: 86-0510-83391436
Contact Person: Mr. Zhou Ruijun
Fax: 86-0510-83391442
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