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Food additive equipment


QZR series of spray drying equipment uses fully enclosed type, in which all parts are made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, with three purification devices, after filtration air reaching the request of 100,000 class. The barrel body is provided with a cold wall device, to decrease the wall temperature, and the drying tower air brush tower is fitted with cleaning device, so after drying through the machine, the TCM extract powder won't appear coking deterioration, which greatly increase the powder collecting rate, and do not produce medicine mixing and wall sticking.    


Food additive high-speed centrifugal spray device is the application of centrifugal spray drying technology in specific material, also is a drying device of using high-speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the material into spray form, full contact with hot air, finishing instant drying, and forming a powdery finished product. The difference between high-speed centrifugal spray device for traditional Chinese medicine extract and ordinary high-speed centrifugal spray drying device is: It solved these key technologies as first, medium, high efficiency three grade filtration of air, instantly fast curing material to be dried ,strongly separating material from the tower wall , avoiding repeatedly heating attached wall, preventing effective ingredients in materials from volatilization and decomposition when heating, and solved the key technologies about cleaning tower body pipeline etc.


Food additives equipment for more efficient cleaning, can be equipped with automatic CIP cleaning system.  Installation of automatic retractable cleaning head in different parts at drying equipment, without dismounting the pipeline for online cleaning, and cleaning water can also be recycled, more energy saving, more efficient, more environmentally friendly. The control system is DCS intelligent control system; it can achieve one key cleaning. CIP automatic cleaning system ensures that the spray drying tower system has no hygienic dead space, and its cleaning results can reach new GMP standards, and can be verified as well.

1. Dried Materials: XOS, flavors and fragrances and the like

2、Inlet temperature: 160-180℃

3、Outlet temperature: 80-90℃

4、Production: 5KG—500KG

5、Heating method: 6kg/cm2 saturated steam+ electric heater or indirect gas furnace

6、Residual moisture content in product:                 4-7%

7、Spray mode:     high-speed centrifugal parallel flow drying or high-speed centrifugal atomizer

8、Product recovery mode:      first class of cyclone separator, second class of high efficiency cyclone, third class of spray removing dust, products are concentrated for dehumidification, pneumatic conveying and cooling to the clean room for packaging.

2 Equipment fitting requirements
    1. All contacting material parts of equipment adopt 304 or 316L stainless steel plate, and polishing processing to inner wall mirror faces of drying tower.
    2.  Atomizer is equipped with secondary air inlets.
    3. Equipment is provided with an air cleaning system.
    4. This equipment meets the GMP requirements.
    5. The main piping adopt 304 stainless steel for quick joining.
    6. Equipment is provided with cone air cooling jacket and hammer excitation system.
7. Equipment is provided with dry powder dehumidification air cooling system.
Tel: 86-0510-83391436
Contact Person: Mr. Zhou Ruijun
Fax: 86-0510-83391442
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