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Atomizer series products

High-speed centrifugal atomization machine is one of the key equipment for spray drying, and its atomization capabilities and atomization performances determine the final quality of the dried product, so the research and manufacture of high-speed centrifugal atomization machine is always the focus of our work

 Our company is the first unit researching and developing, making atomizer in dryer. Early it was an only domestic atomizer manufacturer, having a number of national patents. Especially for the 45 tons and 50 tons of high-speed centrifugal atomizers, our company is an only domestic manufacturer.
In early 80’s stage, we first begin to develop small high-speed centrifugal spray drying unit used in laboratory. So far, we have developed the high speed centrifugal atomizing machine, a key equipment in the spray drying unit, which have been maturely applied to test and industrial production,  forming serialized products of a total of 9 specifications , and its processing capacity is from 5 kg / h to 45 t / h. Its diagram as below:


Product description

1. Working principle: The atomizer is a component that makes atomized medium obtain high-energy, high-speed in spray drying device, is also a key component that plays an important role in atomization efficiency and stability of atomization process. It drives a big gear by a motor through a coupling, engaging between the big gear and small gear on the rotating shaft; the secondary gear is driven by the gear shaft after first stage increasing speed, to realize high speed rotary of the atomizing disc. When the liquid enters the feed tube of centrifugal atomizer, it uniformly flows into the spray disc rotating with high-speed through a liquid distributing disc. in that time, the liquid is sprayed into tiny droplets atomized, which greatly increase the surface area of the liquid , then contacting with hot air in the drying chamber ,while water has rapidly evaporated, can be dried into finished products in a very short time .
2. Features: (1) When material feeding quantities are in fluctuation, the rotating speed of gear drive is constant, with high mechanical efficiency; 
(2) Using long cantilever structure, the main shaft can realize automatic alignment effect when running, which reduce the vibration in the main shaft and atomizing disc.                                                                                                   (3)Set floating bearing, so that the flexible shaft is in three pivots support, achieve that the shafting rapidly goes over the critical rotating speed.  
(4) Reasonably arrange fixing support positions which shall be at the positions of nodes, reducing vibration loads onto the shafting.
(5) Speed of ​​stepless adjustable , according to the characteristics of the material being dried , choose the best speed.
(6) Using high-speed motor to directly drive the spray disc, eliminating the mechanical transmission structure, less vibration, low noise, evenly spraying.  Power is self-regulation by the loads, with significant energy saving, low temperature rise and stable performance as well.
(7) It has such advantages as compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient operation, cleaning and maintenance.
(8) Composite type electric spray nozzle adopts water cooling and air cooling, and both can simultaneously proceed, according to the need to choose grease lubrication and oil lubrication, being more suitable for work in high temperature environment. Also it possesses these functions as water shutting off, air shutting off, alarm for overflow or over-temperature etc , with more stable performance .
(9) Maglev spray nozzle uses magnetic bearing to replace rolling bearing, which has no contact, without friction and vibration, and droplets are more uniform, with long service life.

3. Atomizer classification:

 High-speed centrifugal atomization 

Two fluid atomization    

Pressure atomization      


4.  Range of application:  Suitable for atomization for various materials with low viscosity in industrialized production, and in the case that the working environment is bad, the amounts to be disposed are relatively large, material easy to scale and other problems. It widely is used in fields such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, building materials etc.. The uniform material fog can be produced in a wider feed rate changing range.


























6 After-sale service:

We have perfect spare parts warehouse, and maintenance personnel and adequate services ,it can be done to arrive customer site for the maintenance within 48 hours.

Historical moment:

Over 45 tons' large high-speed centrifugal atomizers developed by our company and some scientific research units have filled the gaps of development on domestic large atomizer.


Appraisal for 45 T high-speed centrifugal atomization machine (below);


Dynamic balance detection (below);


Testing machine detection (below);


Atomizer detection on the site (below)

Atomizer fittings warehouse (below)

Atomizer assembly workshop (below)


Tel: 86-0510-83391436
Contact Person: Mr. Zhou Ruijun
Fax: 86-0510-83391442
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